Bespoke Artwork

Love my artwork but cannot find the perfect piece for your home? Then why not consider commissioning me to create an artwork just for you?

The thought of commissioning an artist can be daunting so here is a little information on what to expect.

1) To discuss sizes and prices please contact me below. I find photographs of the room and space you want to fill really helpful. Once the requirements are confirmed a 50% deposit will secure your spot. As a guide, commissions are priced at 1.5x the cost of an original from my shop. 

2) Once the deposit is received, please allow 4 weeks for completion

3) When your painting is finished I will send you photographs to ensure you are happy with it. 

4) Once you are happy to receive it, I will require the rest of the payment in order to ship or deliver it to you. 

6) Your commissioned piece will be uniquely yours and will not be available for prints. Each original piece comes with an authenticity certificate in case of re-sale. 


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